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The future outlook and focus for growth of the Kingston Free Zone will be influenced by a number of developments which are scheduled to unfold over the next few years.

  • The Kingston Container Terminal (KCT) now privatized and renamed The Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited (KFTL)
  • The scenario of establishing a nearshore logistics operation is being explored by the PAJ.
  • Jamaica’s thrust to become the major Logistics Hub in the region provides significant opportunities for the KFZ to leverage its wealth of knowledge and experience in the management of commercial and service centres. This is being reinforced by the current phasing in of the Special Economic Zones to support the drive for economic growth.
  • The expansion and development of the Business Processing Centre at the Portmore Informatics Park.
  • The upgrading of Free Zones to Special Economic Zones in conforming with the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.
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